Trophies 2023

FIM Environmental Trophy

In order to encourage a greater awareness of environmental concerns in the field of motorcycling, the FIM has created a “Environment Trophy” to reward exceptional commitment to implementing environmentally responsible practices and promoting sustainable activities in the world of motorcycling.

The Jury will select the Trophy Winner based on predefined and objective criteria listed in the evaluation sheet such as:

- Reduction of the impact/benefits on the environment

- Concrete actions towards environmental awareness

- Concrete actions towards preserving nature in relation to motorcycling activities

- Behavioural change in the long run towards improving motorcycling activities impact on the environment

- Concrete actions through motorcycle sport to create innovative and positive impact on the environment

Candidate: 1

Circuits de Catalunya, S.L

The reason and motivation are to be a reference in the motorsport sector through the commitment and coherence that all our SDG related actions evidence as well as continuous improvement and with the credibility granted by the certifications received.

This year, as a novelty, the project was promoted on energy self-sufficiency and are currently installing a total of 1,092 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the main stand which would produce 550 Kw. The rooves of other buildings as the central office units and the services and logistics building have already got photovoltaic solar panels installed.

Candidate: 2

Deutscher Motor Sport Bund e.V.

Environmental and climate protection are key challenges that must be addressed to preserve the global foundations of life for future generations – and of course for the continued existence of our sport. The earth is heating up faster and faster and there are serious environmental disasters such as forest fires, droughts, hurricanes, cold/heat waves and floods. As an FMN we have a duty to help shape the transformation processes and thus prove our sports future viability.

In recent years, various approaches have been implemented to address the issue of sustainability in motorsport. In 2002, the DMSB was the first top association under the umbrella of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) to introduce binding environmental guidelines. In 2008, a well-founded scientific study on the environmental impact of motorsport was carried out for the first time, the second edition of the study was published a few weeks ago. The winners of the DMSB Environmental Award, which has been presented since 2000, are also proof of the variety of initiatives to harmoniously combine motorsport issues with environmental and climate protection. Since 2020, two position papers have been published, committing to environmental and climate protection for sustainability and in 2022 the DMSB Sustainability Strategy was published. Motorsport is currently in conflict, although many approaches have been implemented in the past to tackle the ecological dimension of sustainability. As many of the measurements lack public awareness, DMSB has developed the sustainability database to clarify the individual projects that encompass the dimensions of sustainability and to lead the development with role models. Today, we are aware that the topic of "sustainability" must be dealt with even more intensively. During this, an expert advisory board was established, which includes representatives from associations, industry, research and education of various universities as well as experts from other sports associations. The sustainability database is a project of the German Motorsport Federation (DMSB) to make further progress in sustainability. In this database, many different programs, initiatives, projects, activities, events and campaigns can be registered, which deal with the topics of environmental and nature protection, equal opportunities, the general conditions, inclusion and vehicle technology. Associations, sports facilities, athletes, and clubs can present their activities, get attention, and provide food for thought serving as role models with flagship projects.

Candidate: 3


Acknowledged by KNMV, Ten Kate Racing has started this project a few years ago by developing parts for racing motorcycles with special biologic parts and sustainable materials and special oil. Many parts are produced with bioflacs instead of plastic.

At this moment the team is racing with two bikes in the WSS 600 and they are very successful. Last year one of the riders was World Champion. This year the first rider has finished many times on the podium.

This team tries to develop more racing bikes in this way and would like to produce bikes for other disciplines and also for the total automotive industry. Within a short time Motonext 2 will be presented.

It is a global project for all kinds of possibilities to produce motorbikes, also for road use.

Candidate: 4

Prime Stadium Lda

We are proud of our endeavour that embodies our profound commitment to sustainability in every facet of our event and team. Our motivation is to set a compelling example for the motorsport community, inspiring others to embrace eco-conscious practices and to instil a sense of responsibility within our team members, encouraging them to incorporate sustainable choices into their daily lives. Our candidacy stands as a testament to our resolute dedication to fostering a greener future. We have initiated impactful measures that are reshaping our operations into an environmentally conscious model. Our accomplishments include substantial reductions in plastic use, the implementation of waste separation protocols across our premises, and the optimisation of printing practices to essentials. Our water management strategies are being tuned to minimise waste. Through initiatives like offsetting CO2 emissions from races and website activities, as well as planting a tree for every product sold, our commitment to environmental harmony is palpable. By pursuing the FIM Environment Trophy, we aspire to propel our vision of sustainability forward, catalysing change not only within our own event but across the motorsport landscape as a whole.

At EnduroGP, we: Do not use single-use plastic in the kitchen and Welcome Centre. We have reduced the number of plastic water bottles used in the Welcome Centre per round from around 450 to 20 (for reporters going to the tracks). Next year, it will be reduced to zero. Separate waste in the kitchen, Welcome Centre, and Organisation offices. Reduce printing in the Organisation and Press Offices to only the essentials. Manage water usage in the kitchen to avoid water waste, including ending water flow during dishwashing. Additionally, we ensure that the FIM environmental code is followed by local organisers, athletes, and teams, especially regarding environmental mats, oil and tyre collection points, and bike washing areas. A new chapter in our event manual outlines the environmental guidelines that local organisers need to follow. We have started offsetting the CO2 emissions from the bikes during the races through We are offsetting the CO2 produced by our website through the Tree-Nation Net Zero programme. For every product bought on our website, we plant one tree in our Tree Nation Forest and because we strongly believe that the environment is a part, an important part, of a sustainability path we want for EnduroGP. We donate 1€ for each registration to RaceForGood, a Portuguese charity that uses sports to fight social exclusion and poverty. We donate kitchen surplus supplies to local charities or people in need at the end of each EnduroGP. We locally source food and beverages for the meals served in the Welcome Centre (around 500 for each round of the championship). We prioritise local producers and small businesses when shopping for the kitchen, buying local whenever possible.

Candidate: 5

Santa Monica Spa

In 2022 we defined our sustainability policy which we are carrying out following a series of improvement programmes in order to obtain results in the ESG area. We try to combine improvements in the environmental field with a certain attention to the social aspect, all within a framework of long-term economic sustainability. As a circuit, we have reached an important milestone in the management of sustainable events, the ISO 20121 certification by the international body Tuv Sud, which is accredited in Italy with Accredia, as a guarantee of greater seriousness and quality in customer audits. Furthermore, we have obtained 3 stars from the FIA (International Automobile Federation) in the "Environmental Accreditation Framework" programme, the highest recognition in the environmental field by this important federation. Given these premises, we have decided to apply to your initiative to win, however it must be emphasized that our real goal is to share our company policies in the world of motorcycling with a view to a general improvement of the whole sector.

Company objectives and targets for 2023:- improvement of separate waste collection by 15% compared to 2022, focusing on the "door to door paddock" project and on the creation of new ecological islands;- reduction of electricity consumption by 5% starting from a revamping study of the electricity management system and focusing on some projects, including the revamping and hourly rescheduling of energy-intensive utilities;- containment of acoustic pressure within the limits of what is indicated in the municipal authorisation thanks to careful planning of the derogations and the impact of the containment works that will be carried out on the "Tramonto" turn;- improvement in the management of food surpluses by serving 25% more meals than in 2022 by aiming for greater customer involvement in the "Solid-Ali" project;- 10% growth in partners by focusing on the completion of the MWC Square project and the inclusion of a new partner in merchandising;- growth of social inclusiveness, increasing the distribution of tickets for the disabled by 10% thanks to the involvement of the associations in the so-called events “minors”;- growth of socio-cultural inclusiveness, increasing the initiatives carried out at MWC before, during or after the events by 25%, thanks to a greater involvement of the schools and going to increase the repetitions of the most significant events.

Candidate: 6

Talentos Objetivos

We are a group of people with the main aim to organise an excellent sporting event. However, this team was always up on the rules, making all the efforts to respect the social responsibilities and environment issues, and that is why we think that this prize belongs to us.

In short, the measures presented in the environmental plan for the TRIALGP Portugal 2023 competition were successfully completed, with an excellent impact on the environment, namely the development of plant species that were previously at risk or threatened in the Gouveia area, the reduction of pollution in the riverside area and the prevention of fires due to the cleaning of the intervention areas. Sensitising the public, employees and competition teams to sustainability. And, finally, to get closer to zero polluting emissions. Outside of the environmental plan, the ruins of the woollen factories were "discovered" and later turned into historical and tourist attractions.

FIM Women in Motorcycling Trophy

In order to encourage a greater awareness of the need for the presence and involvement of women in motorcycling, the FIM has created a “Women in Motorcycling Trophy”. Through this Trophy, the FIM wishes to recognise and show its appreciation for those who have significantly contributed to actions taken to improve women’s participation in motorcycling activities and have a positive impact on gender equality.

The Jury will select the Trophy Winner based on predefined and objective criteria listed in the evaluation sheet such as:

- Increasing the sporting level of female competitors in all disciplines

- Increasing the number of female competitors in all disciplines

- Increasing the number of female volunteers, leaders, officials, referees

- Increasing the number of female representatives among the FIM bodies

- Having a positive impact on gender equality

- Covering women’s activities and achievements in the media in an effective manner

- Go beyond cultural barriers

Candidate: 1

Egija Skurbe

Thanks to Egija’s activities and strong belief this year, the MX Women Class returned to the Latvian motocross championship. Egija developed a true passion over the years for motorsport especially for motocross and became one of the rare female employees at LaMSF, who truly believed in her vision about MX women class in the Latvian championship. And she did it.

This year, the MX Women Class returned to the Latvian championship after a hiatus of several years with separate races, which created interesting battles not only between Latvian, but also between the leading Baltic female riders. The aim of the project was to give women the same opportunity to compete in their own class as male athletes, allowing them to gain the necessary experience to prepare for international competitions. The MX Women championship has been broadcast live from every race on the TV channel "Best4Sport TV”. This Latvian Open Championship is mainly contested by women from Baltic countries, although Scandinavian riders have shown interest. There were also several girls under the age of 13, who will be seen on track in the coming seasons. Thanks to this project it has attracted new supporters to motocross and not only for the mx women class, but for the whole national championship and has also established excellent cooperation with federations from neighbouring countries that has resulted in increased participants in all competitions.

Candidate: 2


The belief is that this project is encouraging a growing number of women into motorcycling and the format can be replicated internationally, to create a larger community with shared values and resources to empower more women.

Through more than 20 events and courses (on riding techniques, safety, motorbike maintenance for beginners and pro) this year the project has reached many women. Many female role models in many motorcycling sports have been interviewed and experiences shared. Enduro rider Sandra Gomez attended a course that took place in September for 15 women who wanted to learn enduro (beginners and professionals). Lisa Cavalli, CEO and founder was invited by FMI as a speaker in a meeting about gender gap with companies. MissBiker is also cooperating with 2 companies (name cannot be disclosed here) on the development of special women boots and a motorcycle apparel line for curvy women and special sizes.

Candidate: 3


In Spain it has done it for some years now and it is believed it is positive for the next generation of children, and also supporting women riders financially for their time inside this project. Now is a good moment to show the rest of the world the activity and motivate more countries and federations not only in motorsport to teach in schools.

Ten teaching riders every year go to different schools and are showing motorsport to the new future generations, and this is being shown with equality. It is positive for the riders and for the future, although there is continued work to do to increase the quantity of teachers and people that can be reached.

FIM Fair Play Trophy

In order to encourage an awareness of the concept of fair play, the FIM has created a “Fair Play Trophy”. Through this Trophy, the FIM wishes to reward a significant act of fair play.

The Jury will select the Trophy Winner based on predefined and objective criteria listed in the evaluation sheet such as:

- The candidate has promoted clean sport

- The candidate has shown respect of the rules

- The candidate has shown respect towards the opponents and self-control at all times

- The candidate has shown respect towards the officials and other persons involved in the organisation

- The candidate helps to inspire fair play and good behaviour in the field of play (e.g. modesty, friendship)

Candidate: 1

Jean-Claude Laquaye

Since André Malherbe's accident, Jean-Claude Laquaye has devoted almost all his time to André. He was there for him, day and night, which allowed André to continue leading his life after his accident.

Thanks to Jean-Claude, André Malherbe was able to remain active as a businessman and stay connected with the world of motocross.

Candidate: 2

Mark Hawwa - The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Personal Passion: Mark Hawwa is a passionate motorcyclist himself and saw an opportunity to combine his love for motorcycles with a cause he cared deeply about—men's health. His personal interest and dedication to motorcycling served as the driving force behind his decision to create the DGR. Raising Awareness: Hawwa recognised the need to raise awareness about men's health issues, particularly prostate cancer and mental health. By organising an event that stood out from traditional fundraising initiatives, he aimed to capture public attention and spark conversations about these important topics.

Combining Style and Philanthropy: The concept of dressing dapper and riding classic and vintage motorcycles added a unique and stylish element to the fundraising event. Hawwa believed that by combining fashion, elegance, and philanthropy, the DGR would attract a wider audience and make a lasting impression. Global Impact: The DGR quickly gained traction and became a global phenomenon, with rides taking place in cities around the world. Hawwa saw an opportunity to create a movement that transcended borders, bringing together motorcyclists from different cultures and backgrounds, all united in their support for men's health. Breaking Stigmas: Hawwa recognised that men's health issues often carried stigmas and were not openly discussed. He wanted to change this by creating a platform that encouraged dialogue, promoted early detection, and emphasised the importance of seeking help when needed. The DGR provided a safe and supportive environment for men to share their experiences and seek resources. Philanthropic Impact: The ultimate goal of the DGR was to raise funds for men's health charities. Hawwa understood that by organising a large-scale event that attracted thousands of participants, significant funds could be generated to support research, education, and initiatives aimed at improving men's health outcomes.

Global Reach and Participation: The DGR has grown into a truly global event, with rides taking place in hundreds of cities across the world. Thousands of motorcyclists, both men and women, participate annually, dressed in dapper attire and riding classic and vintage motorcycles. The event has fostered a sense of community among riders worldwide, connecting individuals who share a passion for motorcycles and a commitment to men's health. Over 400,000 unique riders have taken part in at least 1 event. 2023 saw 105,200 riders take part. Fundraising Success: The DGR has consistently demonstrated outstanding fundraising success. Over the years, the event has raised millions of dollars for men's health charities, specifically focusing on prostate cancer research and mental health support.

The funds raised through DGR have contributed to ground-breaking research, early detection programmes, and initiatives aimed at improving mental health services. The event has raised USD$45m for charity - Investment report can be found here - Awareness and Education: Mark Hawwa's initiative has significantly raised awareness about men's health issues globally. Through the DGR platform, participants and supporters engage in conversations about prostate cancer, mental health and general well-being. The event has encouraged men to prioritise their health, seek regular check-ups and engage in open discussions about their physical and mental well-being.

We have at least one man a week notify us that we have saved their life. Considering as men we do not talk enough about our health. This number must be higher. Breaking Stigmas: The DGR has played a crucial role in breaking stigmas associated with men's health. By openly addressing topics such as prostate cancer and mental health, the event has encouraged men to speak up, seek help, and support one another. It has created a safe space for men to discuss their health concerns without judgment, contributing to destigmatising these important issues. The event has also allowed us to break stereotypes that often exist in western culture. The stereotype sees motorcyclists often painted with the same brush as 1% motorcycle gangs. Media Recognition and Influence: The DGR's unique concept and global impact have garnered significant media attention and recognition. The event has been covered by numerous national and international media outlets, increasing public awareness and amplifying its message. The media exposure has helped to spread the word about men's health concerns and the importance of early detection and treatment. Community Engagement: The DGR has created a strong and vibrant community of riders and supporters. The event serves as a platform for like-minded individuals to come together, share stories, form friendships (even marriages), and support one another. This community extends beyond the event itself, with year-round engagement through social media, local meetups, and ongoing support for men's health causes.

Candidate: 3

Training Camp Escuderia Castelo Branco

This Training Camp in the interior of Portugal (City of Castelo Branco, where the opportunities for the youngest are more limited) with international riders, during the FIM Sustainability Week 2023 was completely free for more than 30 children and young people who came from all over the country and Spain, where everyone can have the same opportunities, regardless of economic or social situation. Thus, having quality training and lectures with FIM Stewards, thus promoting sustainability and motorcycling among the youngest, encompassing the preservation of the environment in competitions, waste separation, healthy eating, first aid and anti-doping. This project also had a partnership with Valnor, being considered an ECO Event where the recycled waste collected on the day reverted to funds from the Association for Child Support of the District of Castelo Branco.

This TRAINING CAMP ESCUDERIA CASTELO BRANCO gave a significant contribution to the development and promotion of motorcycling activities, improving the presence of the youngsters in motorcycling and implementing the spirit of fair play, ride clean, integrity, respect, solidarity, care and friendship in motorcycling. They also had lectures about sustainability, first aid and anti-doping, in which they learned that they should respect the planet, what to do in case of an accident or what to do to help colleagues in a situation of emergency and that they should not take doping substances running in a clear and fair way.

FIM Award for the Future

In order to encourage the presence of youngsters in all motorcycling-related activities and the development of the sport for the future, the FIM has created a “Trophy for the Future”. Through this Trophy, the FIM wishes to recognise and celebrate those who significantly contribute to improving the presence of youngsters in all motorcycling-related areas and anticipating the future of the sport.

The Jury will select the Trophy Winner based on predefined and objective criteria listed in the evaluation sheet such as:

- Raise awareness in all motorcycling activities among youngsters

- Increase the participation of youngsters in competition/create new competition

- Attract young volunteers and other functions relative to their capacity

- Train young riders in relation to safety matters

- Foresee the development of the sport for the future

Candidate: 1

Fundación Moto Engineering Foundation

Since the beginning of the MotoStudent International Competition Project in 2009, it has continuously driven to develop innovative projects and promote the progress of the two-wheel motor industry, always focused on the future, focusing on young university students. The MotoStudent Project is an international project in which the world of two-wheeled Competition is brought closer to the youngest, this objective being successfully achieved by having more than 4,000 students involved in the Project during the more than 10 years it has been running the project. In this way, the participation of Fundación Moto Engineering Foundation with its MotoStudent Project in this candidacy is a clear demonstration of its commitment to excellence and leading the industry towards a promising future.

The MotoStudent project has achieved the following accomplishments and results: - After 10 years, it has taken the pulse of the industry, via major brands in the sector, such as Honda, JJuan, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Mann+Hummel, PTC, Bender, KTM or Red Bull, plus the OEMs and TIER1 in the sector of the industry and MotorSport, betting on the talent and young employment of MotoStudents in their departments. Since the first edition of the Competition, the number of teams registered in the Project has only increased. It is currently present in more than 80 universities around the world, reaching more than 20 different countries, and with a continuous growth, Edition after Edition, of 60% in the number of registered teams. In the last edition, more than 80 teams registered, all of them from 4 continents: America, Asia, Africa and Europe. In total, it has around 4,000 students directly involved and 286 university teams to its credit. Years Team´s Number CategoryMotoStudent I 2009-2010 23 Petrol 23 MotoStudent II 2011-2012 18 Petrol 18 MotoStudent III 2013-2014 33 Petrol 33 MotoStudent IV 2015-2016 52 Petrol 35 Electric 17MotoStudent V 2017-2018 74 Petrol 47 Electric 27MotoStudent VI 2019-2021 83 Petrol 37 Electric 46 - The MotoStudent Project also helps to generate positive results in the environment thanks to its continuous innovation. MotoStudent not only helps to create a social impact by completing practical training and fostering the innovative spirit of the young people who will lead the future, but also helps to generate a positive impact on the environment, since by fostering innovation in the world of the mobility and the competition can generate a considerable reduction of contamination. The teams of engineers that are part of the industry have a clear vocation for innovation, with a focus on aspects such as recyclability, eco-design, zero impact on the environment, and circular economyBelow is a more specific summary of the MotoStudent results: Representation of teams from countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. More than 4,000 students directly involved. Appearance in practically all specialised press media. More than 350,000 visits to 50-60% continuous growth in the number of registered teams. More than 150 countries reached through the media. Students performing tasks related to their engineering studies: more than 85%. Students performing tasks directly related to the mobility sector or industry: more than 30%. At least 5 industrial spin-offs with current productive capacity in the motor sector, promoted by students participating in MotoStudent.

Candidate: 2

Training Camp Escuderia Castelo Branco

Escuderia supports the youngest, because children are the future of our Planet and Motorcycling. This Training Camp in the interior of Portugal (City of Castelo Branco, where the opportunities for the youngest are more limited) with international riders, during the FIM Sustainability Week 2023 was completely free for more than 30 children and young people who came from all over the country and Spain, where everyone can have the same opportunities, regardless of economic or social situation. Thus, having quality training and lectures with FIM Stewards, thus promoting sustainability and motorcycling among the youngest, encompassing the preservation of the environment in competitions, waste separation, healthy eating, first aid and anti-doping. The city of Castelo Branco, the motor sports park and the enduro school were promoted in a sustainable way. This project also had a partnership with Valnor, being considered an ECO Event where the recycled waste collected on the day reverted to funds from the Association for Child Support of the District of Castelo Branco. All this evolution of the project is to continue next year and contribute positively to the 2030 sustainable development programme.

This event had 40 volunteers, 30 kids (from Portugal and Spain) in Training Camp, 25 participants (adults in Enduro School in the same day)