Kattia Juárez, FIM CID Director

The end of the season is here, and with it comes the celebrations.
Recognise the champions who, throughout the year, made an effort and raised all the values of the sport. It is also time to concretise our activities and meet with the delegates of 116 national federations.
Organising an event of such magnitude is not easy; we recognise the negative impacts, but we are also aware of the positive legacy to the region. This year we have joined forces with the departments and organisations involved in the organisation, under the clear guidance of our senior leadership, to offer a sustainable event. We voluntarily align and demonstrate with international standards.
Still, we adhere to our policy and the objectives of our sustainability strategy, an effort that this year marks 30 years since the FIM decided to focus efforts on more respectful events that today are accelerators of Sustainable Development.
We move towards an event model emphasising the social and environmental dimension and recognising the positive impact on the region's economy.
This year again, our ATPI Halo departure will contribute, after searching for the best travel options, neutralising all the carbon emissions generated by the transportation of the participants, accommodation and logistics.
The event has been designed to find the best local solutions and minimise the environmental and climate footprint.
Enjoy the event and Ride Green!


FIM Sustainability Policy

We believe that sport should act as a role model and serve as a showcase to promote values and good practices, representing a significant contribution to the development of education, social cohesion, health and wellbeing and sustainable development. The practice of motorcycling as a means of transport or recreation continues to increase and should, therefore, be considered a contributor to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Ride to FIM Awards - The future of motorcycling

A journey of four events starting in September and leading up to the celebration of the World Champions of Motorcycling, the FIM Awards, scheduled to take place on 3 December in Rimini, I taly. This will provide the opportunity to address and explore issues that are fundamental for the future of motorcycling, together with industry experts, journalists, representatives  of  the motorcycling industry and institutions. The professional training of young r iders; motorcycle touring as an enabler  of  environmental soundness  and  sustainability; the development of technical solutions   and   innovations towards an ever- increasing sustainability of motorsport will be the topics addressed during this series of courses.

Workshop in Misano

Damiano Zamana, FIM Deputy CEO: “ The event, organised in the host region, is part of a territorial synergy project attended by experts from the   sector,   journalists, riders, representatives from the motorcycling industry and institutions. The FIM is constantly strengthening its t ies with the relevant stakeholders in order to raise the level  of professionalism of young riders.”

Transitalia Marathon FIM Adventure Touring Challenge

" il turismo in moto come opportunità per scoprire la bellezza, la cultura ed il valore dei territori, insieme ad un approccio sostenibile e rispettoso dell’ ambiente".

Other events

- 24 - 25 September, Rotonda Fellini, Rimini – Roundtable “ The future: Motorcycle touring as an enabler of the Sustainable Development Goals”
- 29 November, Museo Ducati Borgo Panigale, Bologna  –  Roundtable “ The future: Sustainability and Motorcycling”
- 3 December, Teatro Galli, Rimini – Meet& Greet FIM World Champions




  • Palacongressi di Rimini has been awarded with ISO Certifications (14001, 45001, 20121) and  GBAC Star
  • Access for the disabled  - Galli Theatre and Palacongressi - priority access
  • Proximity food products within 250km
  • Groups of children with disablities or social difficulties invited to the Autograph Session
  • All print will be localy
  • Stop food faste actions from venue
  • Use of electric vehicles for staff in Rimini (TBC), availablitiy of scooters, electric bicycles and METROMARE zero-emission electric buses
  • Generation of local emloyment with inclusion guidelines at all levels
  • Waste management plan from the venue
  • Sustainable mobility from Palacongressi, hotels and town
  • Donation to the Sant'Antonio soup kitchen in Rimini, eliminating all waste and disposal costs and proving to be a precious resource for the less fortunate
  • Electric sharing mobility, charging points
  • € 2m in services: accomodation, transportation, restaurant, catering, jobs, technical services. Mostly local providers
  • Reduction in paper and plastics. Badges entrances with electronic verification - infomration via app etc.
  • "Second life menu" facilitates and optimises recovery without cutting corners on the high quality of food served to the guests
  • Local service providers
  • Optimisation of air conditioning, heating and lighting



Excess carbon emissions that cannot be reduced will be neutralised through the purchase of carbon credits, sponsored by ATPI HALO.    
We will invest like last year in two big projects: " The Luangwa community forest project and Katingan Mentaya project"

" We are proud to be selected as the environmental sustainability partner to FIM for the second year running. ATPI’ s commitment to protect the environment and its  company  values  go  hand- in- hand  with those of the FIM and we are absolutely thrilled that ATPI Halo will be able to support this  fantastic federation once again."