Kattia Juárez, FIM CID Director

We have completed the season, and now it is time to celebrate the efforts and victories of all who have contributed to the success of this fantastic season, especially our champions, who will gather this year in the legendary city of Liverpool.

We are ready to receive delegates from 119 nations and Champions from all the motorcycle disciplines.

Organising an event of such a magnitude is not easy; we recognise the negative impacts, but we are also aware of the positive legacy to the region. This year, the FIM departments and organisations involved in the event, under the clear guidance of our senior leadership team, have worked since the outset looking for sustainable solutions and to organise purpose-driven events.

Still, we adhere to our policy and the objectives of our sustainability strategy, as we move towards an event model emphasising the social and environmental dimension and recognising the positive impact on the region's economy.

Also, we want to serve as a model for our affiliated federations and in this way, create a network of good practices.

This year again, our ATPI Halo partner will contribute, after searching for the best travel options, by neutralising all the carbon emissions generated by the transportation of the participants, accommodation and logistics.

The event has been designed to find the best local solutions and minimise the environmental and climate footprint.

Enjoy the event and Ride Green!

FIM Sustainability Policy

We believe that sport should act as a role model and serve as a showcase to promote values and good practices, representing a significant contribution to the development of education, social cohesion, health and wellbeing and sustainable development. The practice of motorcycling as a means of transport or recreation continues to increase and should, therefore, be considered a contributor to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

FIM Sustainability Strategy 2021-2025

2022 FIM Sustainability Report


Throughout the year, the Ride to the FIM awards programme aims to bring the event closer to the community before the main event in December. It achieves this by interacting with different motorcycle events that take place in the territory, such as Silverstone, Matterley Basin, Birmingham and concluding in Liverpool.

For the FIM, it is highly crucial that the community gets to know the institution, participate in the events and experience the activities first-hand.

• At Silverstone, the FIM hospitality tour, a contest for the participants, and charity actions benefiting the organisation Two Wheels for Life were organised.

• At Matterley Basin, workshops were organised aimed at educating young riders.

• In Birmingham, riders will get the chance to interact with the community, meet and greet, and the participants can enter a contest that will give the community an opportunity to engage in the main activity.

• Overall, the Ride to the FIM Awards Program is geared towards promoting engagement, education, and participation in the community.

• ATPI is working alongside the FIM Travel department in looking for the most sustainable travel solutions.


• The venue ACC Liverpool is working towards ISO Certifications 50001 and Green Meeting Silver.

• The event will be Accessible for people with disabilities. 

• Meet and greet accessible to disadvantaged children.

• Use of proximity food products part of the catering guidelines.

• Plant-based options.

• Surplus food collection and distribution supporting Liverpool's zero waste community in the venue.

• Generation of local employment with inclusion guidelines at all levels.

• A waste strategy that has seen the introduction of a cardboard bailer, which means we don’t send any cardboard to recycling, further supporting our REDUCE, REUSE, REPAIR and RECYCLE philosophy.

• Marketing material will be upcycled as much is possible.

• Local companies will provide material and supplies services.

• Walking distance venue and hotels.

• Reduction in paper and plastics.

• Support to the legendary Strawberry Fields (Salvation Army). Click here for more info



Excess carbon emissions that cannot be reduced will be neutralised by purchasing carbon credits sponsored by ATPI HALO.

We will invest like last year in two big projects: " The Luangwa community forest project and the Katingan Mentaya project.

"We are proud to be selected as the environmental sustainability partner to FIM for the third year running. ATPI’ s commitment to protecting the environment and its company values go hand- in- hand with those of the FIM. We are thrilled that ATPI Halo will be able to support this fantastic federation once again."

Ian Sinderson, Group CEO, ATPI